The Challenges in International Sports Recruiting

1. University coaches are not well informed about potential African athletes
2. Eligible talented African athletes are not readily recruitable due to geographic proximity
3. Eligible talented African athletes are not adequately educated on the opportunities available to them even at the governmental and association levels
4. International coaches have a limited knowledge of African culture and African athletes have a limited knowledge on International University sports culture and processes

How does WWS bride this gap?
Member Universities on the WWS membership participate as active recipients of information from the WWS program on potential students who match Academically and / or sportingly with one of the University sports or Academic programs. This is an online arrangement linking the Universities to the biggest network of African athletes and students in the world.
(Track and Field, Tennis, Soccer, Basketball, Field Hockey, Swimming, Water Polo, Volleyball) (Men’s and Women’s Teams)


Coaches Sign Up to have LIMITED or UNLIMITED
access to Africa’s Crème de la crème athlete information:

1. High School Transcripts
2. SAT Scores and Update
3. High School Letters of recommendation
4. Video of sport participation
5. Character Assessment and Background checks
6. International Conference calls with athletes
7. Sports specific results verification

Why else should a Coach or Admissions official
join the WWS Network?

• The WWS Network is the biggest University student network of African students in the world as WWS is linked to over 200 High schools in Africa each averaging over 700 Students each
• 1800 Coaches are able to assess a catchment pool of 10,000 interested students that are academically and sportingly screened by WWS to make sure all students match the criteria and potential opportunities at each University