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Assessment process 

Connect your talent with opportunities

Thank you for your interest in our scholarship linking program. We are delighted to guide you through the journey that will see your dreams of an international degree using your talents become a tangible reality. Before we get started with your journey there are three steps you must complete whether you seek a scholarship in arts, academics or sports:

1. First you will need complete the scholarship assessment form with all the necessary details about yourself and your accomplishments both academically and in your area of talent. From here we will connect you with the relevant scholarship funding levels and also the right university match for your level of talent and degree choice. Your correct university match!

2. We will do an assessment of your submissions in conjunction with our international partners give you feedback from the interested universities as well as the potential scholarship funding levels you could receive from them after your full application and administration process is completed.

3. Once the assessment is completed you will receive your list of universities and countries which match your degree programme and interest levels. You will be required to overlook potential funding levels you could receive from the universities and choose the ones you would like us to complete your full application and administration process with over the next 6 – 12 months.

4. Once the administration and application process is complete you will receive your acceptance letters, scholarship offers and visa documentation. From there you begin your dream journey through university pursuing your gift in academics, arts and or sports while earning a great education.

***If you are a Golden Ticket receiver, you will not be charged for your assessment because you would have been identified and pre-assessed by someone from our organization. Please include a picture of your Golden Ticket in your assessment form.****

Please click the button below to begin your assessment process.

We are excited to assess your abilities and connect you to life changing scholarships in sports academics and or arts!
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