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The world’s leading African talent placement group, World Wide Scholarships, welcomes all African youth athletes to its annual Scouting Camp.


WWS has been running talent identification camps for over 18 years but this year will feature the most sporting codes and the largest convergence of talent scouts in its history to compensate for the lack of regular sporting events during the COVID-19 lockdown. The camp offers opportunities to African talent to showcase their skills and interact with top coaches and scouts in soccer, basketball and American Football!

This is a multi-disciplinary talent scouting event with an opportunity for the following young athletes to showcase their skills in front of talent and development scouts from some of the world’s foremost sporting organisations.

Athletes attending this camp will have the opportunity to perform in front of these top international agencies, as well as interacting with all coaches in attendance to improve their skills.

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North Africa 

West Africa


East Africa

Southern Africa  

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