BLOG: Munya Maraire – the man with a dream

When you hear the name World Wide Scholarships(WWS), what comes to mind? The most thriving sports training and opportunity ecosystem in Africa? A competitive and winning community where people with raw talent are shaped into medal winners, character driven ambassadors and global sports heroes? World class coaches, state of the art facilities and a charged and electric atmosphere fostering the mindset and a skill set in the greatest athletes of our time? Yes, yes and also yes!

But let us take you back… back to the end of the race and the starting point of the WWS story.

The end of the race, and the starting point of World Wide Scholarships

Born to a Jamaican mother and Zimbabwean father, star athlete Munya Maraire grew up in Harare, Zimbabwe and it is there during his high school years where his dream to make a difference in people’s lives was born.

“In high school, when I won the national championships in the 400m hurdles, my main competitor who ran a close second, had no shoes, no hurdling form, little coaching and came from a school that was not well known for athletics in the country. It was at that moment that I realised that with the coaching and development I'd enjoyed, he would have beaten me easily, and that's when the seed was planted."

From that moment Munya knew that he needed to help African youth to achieve their dreams.