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BLOG: Munya Maraire – the man with a dream

When you hear the name World Wide Scholarships(WWS), what comes to mind? The most thriving sports training and opportunity ecosystem in Africa? A competitive and winning community where people with raw talent are shaped into medal winners, character driven ambassadors and global sports heroes? World class coaches, state of the art facilities and a charged and electric atmosphere fostering the mindset and a skill set in the greatest athletes of our time? Yes, yes and also yes!

But let us take you back… back to the end of the race and the starting point of the WWS story.

The end of the race, and the starting point of World Wide Scholarships

Born to a Jamaican mother and Zimbabwean father, star athlete Munya Maraire grew up in Harare, Zimbabwe and it is there during his high school years where his dream to make a difference in people’s lives was born.

“In high school, when I won the national championships in the 400m hurdles, my main competitor who ran a close second, had no shoes, no hurdling form, little coaching and came from a school that was not well known for athletics in the country. It was at that moment that I realised that with the coaching and development I'd enjoyed, he would have beaten me easily, and that's when the seed was planted."

From that moment Munya knew that he needed to help African youth to achieve their dreams.

Towards the end of his high school career, Munya decided to chase his dream of playing American Football and went to live in Alaska with his sister, who was in the US Air Force. He attended Ben Eielson high school in Alaska and was the state champion and still the regional record holder in the 200 m and 400 m. He later went on to attend Penn State University on a full scholarship where he competed as one of 30 athletes in the universities history to participate in two sports, track/field and American Football. In track and field, he trained under for Hall of Fame US Track and Field coach Harry Groves and in football under the legendary Joe Paterno – where a football drill was named the Munya Drill as he was to fastest player on the Penn State Football team.

When Munya moved to the US, it was a matter of meeting the right people, making sure he could continue to develop his idea of creating an entity that could open the gates for Africa's youth talent.

Ready, set, go!

In 2002 World Wide Scholarships was established to help assist African talent- sport, arts and academics, apply for scholarships internationally, negotiate University fees and to give Africa’s talent the best possible training and opportunities of living their dreams.


World Wide Scholarships aims to impact the lives, communities and African nation by empowering and linking talent and scholars to international colleges and universities that match their god given talents and abilities.


To connect with international institutions, on behalf of our clients, to negotiate the best possible scholarship opportunities available for suitable placement in international universities.


The operations of WWS are guided by five core values, namely, God-fearing, Integrity, Relationship, Communication and World-class.

1. God-fearing

We believe that the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom therefore we give glory to God through our gifting and our success, and we affirm the word of God to our athletes and communities while committing all our plans in prayer before action.

2. Integrity

We are committed to the highest standards of integrity by dealing in a professional, honest, fair and transparent manner with our clients, staff and other stakeholders.

3. Relationship

We value relationship based on mutual respect and love.

4. Communication

We value communication and strive to keep all our clients, staff and other stakeholders well informed about our activities.

5. World Class

We are committed to performing at a world class level. We provide a consistently world class standard of service delivery and life experience to our clients.

We go fast alone, but we go far together

Throughout the 19 years in operation, World Wide Scholarships has formed lifechanging partnerships with elite international outfits such as the Manchester United Football Club soccer schools, Real Madrid Foundation, Lombardia Uno, AC Milan, Usain Bolt's Track Club 'Racers', Nike, NAIA, NCAA, Penn State and African Olympic federations in various sports.

These partnerships offer WWS Africa’s students the opportunities to attend international coaching camps as well as play on an international stage.

The hardest hurdle

In December 2014 Munya was involved in a tragic car accident as he headed for Pretoria, South Africa. Within minutes of his arrival at the hospital, doctors knew his left arm had to be amputated.

Overcoming the loss of his arm and some of the dreams Munya had for himself but with the end-game clearer than ever – World Wide Scholarships. Making a difference for talented students of Africa and making their dreams a reality.

A new culture of victory

WWS has enjoyed 19 years of connecting Africa’s world-class talent with educational opportunities and professional opportunities around the globe. In 2018, Munya was nominated as a candidate by Leaders in Sport as one of the top sports business professionals under 40 globally (

From humble beginnings to building and moulding talented youth, Munya is the man with a dream, a sports entrepreneur, life coach, public speaker, musician and the founder and CEO of World Wide Scholarships.

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